the Hotel Suites

by Dino Soldo

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Themes of Love, Belonging, Independence, and Friendship from the nomadic singer/songwriter, featuring his calm, seductive voice & organic beds of woodwinds & subtle electronic pulses with Leonard Cohen, Dania König, Sharon Robinson & Hattie Webb.


released January 14, 2010

Dino Soldo- All Vocals and Instruments
Javier Mas- Archi Laud
Bob Metzger - Pedal Steel
Hattie Webb, Dania Koenig, Sharon Robinson - female vocals
Leonard Cohen - Murchang
Rico Belled - Bass
Ryan Murphy - Cymbals
Christine Wu - Cello



all rights reserved


Dino Soldo Camarillo, California

Leonard Cohen's "Master of Breath" and producer - Lionel Richie's comic foil. His highly themed 7 projects are featured here, ranging from Indie Jazz to Modern Folk. His latest is "Long, Quiet Weekend",recorded live on the weekend of the 4th of July on 2012 ... more

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Track Name: Say Anything
you put your key down
it wont open any door
(you) stay put and silent
no lips and no talk used to say it all
go ahead and be silent
we used to share softer lands
with birds flying over greener grass
is it too late or too complicated

are you gonna say anything
you might find in the end
you found the words to say again
to show me anything you believe
are you gonna say anything

so put your hair down
no need to run away
(with) no thought and no sound
(i) used to be impatient then
here i come here i stand
to wait for your sun to shine again
Track Name: Fire Escape
used to live on a first floor
lot in a valley of fire
strong red winds would
polish your bones white
it runs through the backyard
runs through the front gate
set the saw and the hammer upon the fire escape

drift away and shift to a
ship with a battened down hatch
looking at an empty room &
what i might have
but put a clean tie on &
put out another plate
set the saw and the hammer upon the fire escape

no safe bets, no checklist,
no likely outcome
nothing we can do to
garantee we've won
we still leave the wallet on the
hood and drive away
set the saw and the hammer upon the fire escape

already live the life the
way it ought to be.
so far seeing everything
as a need to be free
but it's funny how we
don't take a stand for anything.
set the saw and the hammer upon the fire escape

with no way out
no safety net to take
i tie my hand to the mast
when the ship goes down in flames
and there's no bailing out with a busted up fire escape

i loved you more
than the wheat will love the wind
you flow through me
with the blood under my skin
look, as the window lights up
the plans we make
we''ll set the saw and the hammer upon the fire escape
Track Name: Silver
Silver just a parting gift from a cloud in the morning
and the mood will shift gears without a warning
silver is not a color i'm used to
but i guess i see it now
and the way we fought would put the fear in anyone
i remember the teeth of her indecision
silver feels like a defining line
and i guess i'll go there now
polaroid whites old tintypes the memory will fade to dark undefined
blending shades of charcoal greys
no shine reflection or sparkle yesterday
throughout the glass the weather passes
the blue will be the bright contrast and
silver lights the way
the rain came hard up in florence
it knocked down all of the oranges
silver shows you breakfast in bed
i guess i'll do that now
so what do i want where do i want to go
i ask as the sun hits the glass half full
Silver is an optimist flight in the unknown
i guess i'll go there now
silver points the way
Track Name: the Boy Inside
there he is. He tries his best to stay cool.
Cool, under hot pressure. He will smooth out his feathers.
There she sits. she won't release wild rhythm.
Under the wine her river runs. she's a mistress of smoke and mirrors
And the boy inside hides, wiggles to be free. He won't make a sound. It's not aloud. but the boy inside finds he wants to be seen. its not allowed. he's too proud.
He can see her feel her there like an orchid blooming in Spring he's terrified .....of butterflies... and the boy inside.
she's aware of her lightness and bright glowing halo pulls back her smile now pushing crumbs round the table sets the pace holding her joy and her laughter stares into the sunset it's the boy that she's after.
and the girl inside hides, forbidden to be seen she jumps around inside her now but the girl inside shouts out and wants to be free its not allowed ..shes too proud
he can see her behind the eyes of a woman who holds all the reigns and standing tall .. afraid to fall but the curtains open and when he absently takes her hand
in the ending light .. the boy meets for the first time the girl inside
Track Name: Warm
I see the last red light of eveningcold winter wind and im marooned
(my) frozen heart & hands word hard
to fix this time machine
The mercury drops i tap the clock and i think of you
your warm, warm (like a) thousand camp fires in the night
your warm, warm, warm
your warm, warm i will lie down by your firelight
your warm, warm
the stars shine the
cold pin light of heaven
reflected by ice & the exhaled breath
(when i climb aboard)
i turn the clock to your direction
& vanish from the frost and stillness
your warm, warm, like a million fireflies at night
your warm, warm
your warm, so warm like waking up in mid-July
your warm, so warm
Track Name: Happiness
sleepy eyeThe time of September calls
the internal barometer
falls to the day when i go.
with blankets we'll hide and unfold.
so we taste everything ....real slow
slide into the world we know.

write it down
plans like the promises kept
build around the way we met
play with the faces we get in

can you feel it
doesn't it seem real that
7 days will go so fast?
mistaking that it all will last
but you don't want apologies
it's no ones fault and we come away pleased

write it down
we say it all without a sound
we're together when you're not around
the face reflects the evidence in

waking up alone
its colder on your side
but it don't matter if your not around
i'm a strong and warmer man now
and i face the glass without heaviness
because i see this
Track Name: Diving
The Sun is burning, you feel the weight
do you feel the deck of the ship vibrate?

feel so dry, dry as a bone
i want to dive off deserted limestones

Oceans heard in a single shell
and i'm caught in a spell
of a thousand bells

smell the air and the
scent of skin its
one last breath
and i'm diving in

don't you fight
the deep ocean tide
with beams of light between
Its dark and green

Don't be afraid of the diving
& I dive in
i'm diving in

Taste the ocean
In the wet
It returns to one
when we connect

i feel your wave return like the sea
you roll into me
and i swim in the heat

Know I wont fight
the strange world inside
swim between the leaves
Track Name: Two Valise & 1 Guitar
two valise and one guitar
with only that, i've come this far
home no more a place
it's no longer known where the dent in the bed stays
with two valise and one guitar
i'll strum myself to sleep
and home is where i lay
today (i) realize i'm not afraid to be here
at my home
Track Name: Shoulder
i sit in a LA diner
try to blacken the page
I'm too entertained by my server
still has the same legs
and i was a bad weather friend ;
i used to come around in hurricanes

if she smiles at me
i could be bold ;
looking over my shoulder

most friends we know have come and gone
but our tiny dance abides
She used to lose her breath
when she saw me
now its just a loosening of the eyes
but she lingers over my guilty mind
at least she doesnt despise me

no, i wasn't good to Tasha
couldve been a better man these years
i see her sadness in my water glass
condensation rolls like tears
wanna say i'll never ditch again
but i dont know shit-all anymore
i'm just a journalist of desire
reporting him walking in the door
Track Name: Gravity
a voyage in the vessel "solitaire" and breathing my own air in space
drifting in an ocean of black
turning mad in a ship incapsulated
once it was a mission for the brave
(and) i thought i would live forever
making art out of hashmarks engraved
i'm waiting for the transmission to be saved
once i slide into your gravity
you know i'd never leave you or want to
escape your gravity
crashing on your hills of green gravity
i'll use my last breath dreaming of your land
think of the warm days in your forest
take your your tender fruit in my hands
and on the beach, i baptise my allegiance
but the spaceship will spin off the attitude
i see your glow out my window
i strip everything thats burned out
and steer the empty shell down
to your world below

resting on your hills of green
Track Name: Any Road Will Lead You
when you don't know which road
finds that part of you lost
so many years ago
all it takes is to make one rain soaked step
and create a direction to go

i never thought that i knew what to do
but i see myself in your rear view mirror
though its a lonely road
i see that reflection of me getting clear

so lost
the suns going down now
the moon will light the cactus and wolfs
it's so dark that your feet can't be found now
time and a straight line will show
where the road will lead you

a place will sore legs finds strength
leave your shoes on the basement floor
and if its just a suitcase you call your space
unpack your compass and plot your course

i never thought that i knew what to do
but i see myself in your rear view mirror
though its a lonely road
i see that reflection of me getting clearer

you gave all you got to the windmill
let go of your arrows and stones
no need to see your direction
let your legs make the way and go
any road will lead

all broke down on the side of the road just know that any road will lead you
the grass will grow underneath your bones hold on to yourself any road will lead you
can't decide your path alone just know that any road will lead you home
Track Name: Clarinet
waking up
in my hotel bed
with my clarinet
it was my grandad's
he left it behind when i was younger
being there
hours at a time
all the walls reassigned
i collide with them
whenever i rise from slumber
wondering if it looks like more rain
even so
i'll go walking again
over glistening avenues
in the orange of an afternoon
my clarinet with whisper all our secrets
in our solitude
Track Name: We All Cry Alone
fly over cloudy skies in the slip stream
she sits next to me so silently
light brown sugar hair falls across my skin
i see the sadness in the eyes she's hiding in
we used to laugh together all the time
times are getting slow
and when we cry
we seem to cry alone

landing in a strange land next to i don't know where
hard to pretend that i love it when i don't care
a disconnection in direction
of philosophy
hard to please when you forget just how it feels
the road gets bumpier when you need to call it home
wherever we are
we all need to cry alone
Track Name: Home