Long, Quiet Weekend

by Dino Soldo

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"Dear Listener;
On the night of July 1st, I came home to an empty house; The family went to visit Germany. My work plans took an unexpected change and I had plenty of time on my hands. As usual, with free time brings more writing opportunity.
I took my National guitars into the garden, along with an unusual looking "cigar box stomp pedal" contraption I erected in the garage a while ago, and started writing. I had no expectation other than come up with a few ideas for next year's project. After a handful of songs were written I, being in a lazy mood, decided to record the songs live in the garden too. I sang, stomped, napped, wrote poetry, read the news, skyped, grilled, played, ate vegetables from the garden, drank beer, and calloused my fingers all out there.
The 4th of July came. The sky overhead boomed with fireworks. I had a pretty respectable collection of songs after this end of a long, quiet weekend. I overdubbed an old washboard and some horns and it was done.
I hear Summer in these songs. I hope you do too, along with neighborhood birds, planes, children swimming, all faintly bleeding into the tracks. I also feel the interplay between the mind and heart that one gets when we live alone for a while. Sometimes the mind says things when dwelling in quietude. I listened, responded, and wrote it all down. I'm pretty sure I've played and written songs with greater clarity. But I don't think they've ever been written more sincerely. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I had recording. Have a Great Summer."
7, July, 2012

All songs, Dino Soldo, Brandino Music BMI tobaccoBagg Records copyright 2012


released July 11, 2012

All stuff performed by Dino - July 1-4, 2012

Vocal, National Guitar, foot stomps, recorded live.
Saxes, Harmonica, Bassoon, Horns, Clarinets, Cello, Washboard, 2nd guitar parts overdubbed.



all rights reserved


Dino Soldo Camarillo, California

Leonard Cohen's "Master of Breath" and producer - Lionel Richie's comic foil. His highly themed 7 projects are featured here, ranging from Indie Jazz to Modern Folk. His latest is "Long, Quiet Weekend",recorded live on the weekend of the 4th of July on 2012 ... more

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Track Name: Dance of the Aloof
So this is how it can be
Another wakeful dream
A rip of broken seams
For all the crowd to see

I stammered and I choked
On Another stupid joke
I stuttered all the lines
I wasn't funny at all

Oh but they don't know me well
If they think I will hide myself away

Might have been a simple mistake
Anyone could have made
But sometimes you won't know the cause
Or the reason at all

oh watch me dust (off) myself
And run to turn up the music in my head
Singing "I don't care at all!"
"I don't care at all!"
I won't care if I fall
I invented the dance of the careless.

This is part of being alive
Who wants to merely survive?
So I'll let the horses go
Run down dirt roads alone

I'm a friend to don Quixote
But he got nothing on me
I'm a contrarian dream
Who's solo on the scene

And if my face is turning red
It's just the heat from the music in my head
Singing "I don't care at all!"
"I don't care at all!"
I won't care if I fall
I invented the dance of the careless.
Track Name: Suspended
overheard the bird chirps at nightsings while eyes are black and sleeping tighthe keeps a thought of hope with no evidencesings into a land suspendedfeel the wire under her feet when the head spins
so tired she starts to shake and her body givesthe crowd on the ground wants her to winshe holds onto a chord suspendedAsh will burn his throat when he calls their namesgrabs the kids and things in the smoke from the trees ablaze they blindly run. the streets a sightless mazerunning from a home suspendedif you're crying on the porch in your sunsetand you've been left by your love and your best friendstighten till the white shows in your handshold on while your life's suspended.
Track Name: Arrows
It was a night just like this one
I was stabbed in the back
The stars were blurred and misty
It made the blood turn black

I stumbled to recover
Came home to no family
Soak my mouth in brown water
Muffle my head from a steady ring

Left my clothes in the hallway
Showered off travel and dust
I was let down in the morning
Hoping the bottle turned hurt to rust

So I holed up in the backyard
Hearing the doves in the trees moan
As sawdust danced in the sunset
Making arrows for the bow

The mud will settle in the pond
I see with eyes bloodshot and sober
Trim my lamp in the evening
Making arrows for the bow

There's one thing you ought to figure
You're dealing with me your gonna deal in lead
You best figure out your savior
Before your soul flys from you dead

So if you come out to the wood side
You better hope I'm gonna let it go.
But for you I hope to get to
Making arrows for the bow.
Track Name: Summer to Spring
He sits
Sits by the stream, away from the scene
He's alone
He's feeling cold, he's younger than he feels
And waits
Waits for no one, he has moved on. His song is done
he looks at the birds fighting for love in the reeds
......He knows that his summer won't turn to spring
She walks
into the park with a book in her arms
She hides
Between all the words it keeps her from harm
she likes
Likes to pretend she is no one.
She takes off her coat that disguises the marks on her sleeve
She looks
at the watch he just threw in the stream to the fish
She returns it
Her hand is still wet when she asked if its his
(another verse)
he gives
A kerchief to her, she wipes off her hand
He looks in her eyes like cellophane and asked what she reads.
He knows summer never turns to spring

They talk
Till arms are tanned, cold coffee in hand
but she won't
Talk of her past , he understands
They leave together from the birds with their heads under wing.
You know one never knows when summer turns to spring.
Track Name: Beast
I'm just about to break
It's getting harder every day
I'm trying fast to plaster the cracks of my state
I feel it waking up
From hibernating down
A dead resurrection blooming deep in the ground
My hands are turning red
By pulling up the weeds
I see my face turn away from every friend I see

It's eating up everything
It's burning up my pride
and I can't seem to control what I try to hide
It's turning loose the hounds
Howling in the night
I need some help to tame the beast inside

I see the evidence
And track down where it's been
Those blood red circles left across the skin
It's like a hidden crime
with no one to arrest
I don't think this time I'll pass the test
Track Name: Long, Quiet Weekend
Long, quiet weekend
the sustained ring of a year will fade
Possum and cat make fleeting silent friends

The shadows of Summer nights.
Lonesome but no lonely time
I tamed the hound, he slumbers inside me

A simple dinner for one
Insects fly in a leaving sun
I'm tired high, and waiting for no one.

Barefoot in the garden
sky's like a sea turned dark
Smoke circles bacchanal halos

Half Warm beer in a glass
Oranges falling down at last
Fear of tomorrow will fade and come to pass

Glad you're not here
My tender side has disappeared
When you come home my head will be soft and clear

Long quiet weekend
The body is sore and starts to mend
I needed the quiet weekend
Soon the world will beat this drum again
I need this quiet weekend
Track Name: Child of Divorce
Well here I go
You didn't have to ask
You've Been so funny I forgot to laugh
You're the silent treatment and my throat is hoarse.
Your Loud and quiet, I'm a child of divorce.

Don't be shocked if I'm moving fast
Don't need to tell me how to pack my bags.
Don't know where I'm going but far from you , that's sure.
Don't knock the wisdom from a child of divorce

you shoot with a blank and my sight is off
your wound is fresh so I rub in the salt
You bet good money on the darkest horse.
Why bet a heart on a child of divorce?

So I sit alone in an empty room
My plans drift away like an air balloon
and you shot them to hell with litigation force
I should have remembered you're a child of divorce.

You said don't go away mad, I said just go away.
You said you'd consider feeling sad, as long as it would ruin my day..
Track Name: Boy with Tree
Good morning Little boy .. Are you hungry for truth?
I'll be fruit for you
When you're needing a place to play
I'll be home base for you
When you feel heat from the mid-day sun
I'll be shade for you

I'm old enough, grown enough
For you to climb on
I'm big enough from other trees
For you to find me

If you feel hardened by the storms inside
I will bend for you
You can take anything, my roots run deep
I will mend like new
If there's a wind blowing plans away
I will whisper to you

I'm old enough, grown enough
For you to climb on
I'm big enough from other trees
For you to find me

I lived enough, I'm big enough
For you to find me
And I love you
enough to be green for eternity