by Dino Soldo

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released January 16, 2012

produced by Dino Soldo
* co-produced by Tao of Sound

Dino: vocals, National guitars,
all winds and solos,
Rhodes, drums,Eigenharp
Taku Hirano: percussion, keys
Daniel Pearson: basses, keys
# Mitch Forman: Piano solos
^Christine Wu: violin
^Javier Mas: ArchiLaud

“human” necklace by
Frank James Soldo

all songs (except where noted) cp 2012 brandino music BMI /tobacco bagg rec.
1 Thread Inc. Manufactered by Groovehouse.All rights reserved.
If you love this CD, set it free. If it comes back to you,
it was never really theirs.

“With exception of the Rhodes, I touched no plastic while making this record:
only “living” materials: glass, metal, wood, leather. Thanks to Tao of Sound for
making this strange request happen for me.
Also to these companies who helped greatly:
National Guitar, Eigenlabs, Focusrite/Novation,
Apple, Backun and Oleg Products.”

Dino is grateful to:
Dania Koenig and the rest of the
family for their generosity.
To Taku and Daniel for helping me
throw this one much farther than I’ve ever thrown.

arrangements and publishing credits:
tracks 1,3,8,9,12, Brandinomusic, 3CK Music,
Avenue J Music - all BMI
track 13- adding javier Mas in
SGAE Nº 036829
track 17- Brandinomusic BMI,Formanfor Music
ASCAP. Showerhead Studios.
Mitch Forman appears courtesy Marsis Jazz

TAO OF SOUND (courtesy DOMO RECORDS) is grateful to:
Carol Hatchett,Arthel Neville,
Takeyoshi & Hiroko Hirano, Craig Williams, Ndugu Chancler, Domo Records, Eiichi Naito,
Dino Malito, Hitoshi Saito, Greg Gorelick, Nilaya Sabnis, Chris Brewer, Chris Hart, Carol Calato,
Jay Medynski, John DeChristopher, Meinl Percussion, Zildjian Cymbals, Regal Tip Drumsticks,
REMO Drumheads, Roland USA, Monster Cable, FXPansion, M-Audio, and Hammerax.
Darryl Jones, Matt King, Erica McDaniel and Jason Toney at Universal Audio,
Tim Godwin at Line6/Propellerhead, Byron Devers and Steven Bolar at Big Fish Audio.



all rights reserved


Dino Soldo Camarillo, California

Leonard Cohen's "Master of Breath" and producer - Lionel Richie's comic foil. His highly themed 7 projects are featured here, ranging from Indie Jazz to Modern Folk. His latest is "Long, Quiet Weekend",recorded live on the weekend of the 4th of July on 2012 ... more

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Track Name: broken
do you sit alone in a backyard
by your broken things
wondering what will
your life will bring
your chair's held up
by a match book
it still wobbles
when you look up
and sigh why me

you say let it all make sense again
make it so it goes
fix this game so i can win
tell me so i know… i know

a one handed
watch you wear
wont tell the time
a lost mind cant tell why
she broke that heart
your groundless like the
electric wires
they're twisting over the poles &
tires to your house

so.. fit these pieces back again
take out all the sting
be my judge so the fix is in
mend my broken things
Track Name: real
Here I am with mission figs and coffee
Staring out the window's first blue light
Sharp little slumbers in my eyes
I can't believe I slept through the night
So many worries stacked like legos
A city of plastic sprawling on the floor
So many behind me
Bills like a line of dysfunctional friends
in a DMV line
I cleared the decks with a brand new day
It feels too good I say "are you for real"

Too broke to be tired I was a live wire
Unshielded and sparking in the rain.
Unraveling thread till I tore up the toolshed
Fixed everything and I stopped complaining
I put out a distress call; an s.o.s
Endless help from a handful of friends
Like a cavalry line they rushed to my side
They pulled me out of a fiery wreck
Was stupid and proud till
You cleared out the clouds
I needed to shout it out,
"are you for real?"

Am i surprised?
that "better-off-dead" feeling's in the past
but it never lasts
Track Name: Color
Do i live in shades
like charcoal sketches in a silent film
where good and bad wear white and black
and you know where you stand
too afraid of the unknown to grow
(so i ) drew in shades this time
but it gets so hard for me to define
i open my eyes.
whatever have i learned
whenever the light shines whatever have i learned?
Look from the East to West
a blue inks runs from the burning ball of Red
everything i see in the Sunset - it slowly fades away
then 1 shades rules my life again
but not to fear - it's not the end
so where's YOUR dawn that lights your way home
and what have you learned?
and how do you burn?
Track Name: Human
see art..
Track Name: mole
do your square rimmed glasses mask the fact youd attack me when
we're together
seems we embrace the imperfection on our faces. And take the bad with the
we wrestle like the best of them and sweat and grunt and
fall upon the bed
i see the constellation on your skin and its all so perfect

i find the phrases
in special places
every mark's a masterpiece displayed

those pentatonic scales all displayed when i play them on your knees
i look upon your arms, those stars they dance when you wrap'em around me.
Track Name: 98
Dino Soldo - all instruments, Eigenharp
Track Name: cold
early morning i fax myself into bed.
you sleep like ice i slide the sheets over my neck
our days are dark
and the weather's grey .
i have to put a layer on
i wait in the park.
in a frozen rain
cause im old when im around you …you're cold.

i can hear you groan like an autumn wind through the trees
i'm shivered and shaken where your frozen mist breathes on me
there's gonna be a hawk in the air when we meet
i can tell by the cold ground under my feet

our days are dark but see your face
you had to put a layer on
and i won't bend . i'm rigid in my ways
see your breath when you say
you're cold
Track Name: lost
Living with a land locked man.never shell shocked
nothing is out of place
A monument to perfection
attention to every space
Her fine honed stare
is a flare to everyone
she's scared of deeper water
its way beyond her
i sail & hope she follows

To be lost at sea
With me
I know what it takes
To be this way

Look at her hands on her map
it says there's monsters in the deep
she tears at her dress and pleads
"it's all way beyond me"
I've sailed here alone in the unknown
& I know what it means to sink
trust me I know the feeling

it doesnt mean she's weak
To be lost at sea
With me
I know what it takes
To be this way
Track Name: Bayou
I hear a north wind
Whisper your brown hair
It's freezing cold where you live but I
Want to touch you again
Cash flow is a problem
Who don't have some of them.?
You know I wish I could solve them
We could take the next rain out of here

You wish you were in new Orleans
I wish I was in new Orleans with you
We'll escape all of this
It's what I miss about the bayou

We could walk the warm avenues
Until we break this dawn
I'll sip your lips
Taste the whiskey and ash
And relax in cafe dumonde

You wish you were in new Orleans...
Track Name: painkiller
I wrote the map on how to get lost
Found many ways to lose my grip
Tried almost every dose of poison
Never spared myself a single sip

I know many a time I've been out of line
I stagger 'round like some kind of Hemingway
But the natural world is a cruel joke
So I blindly grab and find anything

but You are my magic pill
I feel you running through my system
the cure that sells me
Youre my painkiller
You are my 1 reprieve
When the chill runs under my sleeve
Youre the sun to me
You are my painkiller

I suppose I swallow all those placebos
My heart ticks skips and beats on borrowed time
I'm sure I'm alive because you're alive
Resuscitate me
what are you waiting for?

But your stare mainlines my system
I'm a beast who falls asleep to your siren
Track Name: urbain
I'd rather run fast at night
avoid the people and heat
with bare feet and a flashlight
to see this glass on the street
i wont bump into nobody with
the hollow sound of no soul
i pound concrete with coyotes
they know what it takes to live alone

it's so Urbain!!!

i make my way in the red wind
it dries my eyes like fire
while tinsel town is sleeping
blowing in from inland empire
I'm better off than in daylight
the acid tongues and acid rain
wanna leave these empty people;
the broken dreams, the hidden hate

it's so Urbain
Track Name: Green
While it all remains green
we're the witness to the wonderment
Is it possible to grow things
More than the moss upon the cement?

So, build your robots that
swim in blood and repair your sins
and glass skyscrapers that
scratch the clouds till they turn to grey.

but She's Green;
Just forget what you have seen
She dont need you to believe.
She'll embrace you with her oceans
She steps in if you build too close
You hear the laughter at your plans?
She speaks without your understanding.

So talk yourself till your face is blue
to an invisible man
Give him a family, a son and spirit
to understand.
But She's Green.
Use you blade to cut the world into
tiny shares.
Sell our future. Paint green color on your corporate brands

but She's Green
Just forget what you have seen.
She dont need you to believe.
She speaks without your understanding.
You hear the laughter at your plans?

While it all remains green
we're the witness to the wonderment.
Is it possible to grow things
More than the moss upon the cement?
Track Name: grin
Your Grin
it catches me off-guard when i look at it
like a familiar start to laugh
before you say it
You Grinsee it in the photograph you send
i touch it on the wall when i begin
to start my day
its so easy to lose sight of things i dont really need to fight anymore for
im surprised by your smile and its like you figured how to turn on the light... in the dark

so pure
no hint of holding back, nothing to gain
no memory of the past,
you cant explain how you feel it
If i'm lost
all i need to do is to think of it
smiles bubble up to the surface

its so easy to lose sight of things i dont really need to fight anymore for
im surprised by your smile and its like you figured how to turn on the light... in the dark

little one
im blown away by how you're having fun
hands are dancing sun
with no music on
So Finn
i see how one behaves when they begin
living in the world. you let the world in
when you grin
Track Name: sustenance
length of the line to the shore is getting thinner
I'm just a hungry ghost and never satisfied.
in the morning my strength is a child who's lost their temper
feel like a pilgrim alone and getting stuck in time

when you are near i feel the air

only through you i come alive again

you're my sustenance.
i come alive i feel content
you're my sustenance
and in the end your touch will bring
me to brave it all again

though im a man of science
not afraid to call it metaphysical
there are somethings in this world
we'll admit we cant explain
Track Name: Delphine
She wakes me up
at 3am
with a pulse and a beat
that drives me to her
Its her voice like a siren
that draws me from my love
and its so low
that my eyes close till they
start to blur
and my mistress only wants
me to speak for her

You dont care if i eat
you dont care if i sleep do you
you dont care if i'm ever pleased
You just want me to please you

she's one needy bitch
she wants more and she dont care
if my life is bleeding
It's her seductive sound of
steel & wood
flying through the air
i whisper her name
in a microphone that doesnt
want me
and my mistress only wants
me to speak for her